Max Cherry here at Cherry Bail Bonds. I am boycotting Deadspin. Deadspin put me into the grays at the behest of an alt-right mob. In the spirit of Gawker media, Deadspin’s editorial has always been left of center, and a safe place for those with ideas and solutions which are left of center. The content for which I was “unfollowed” for should not have been something that would threaten the concept of Deadspin. This is my own personal boycott. Join me if you like. If not, no offense taken. I just refuse to apologize for something that I feel most of Deaspin’s writers would agree with, and that they felt I must be punished for because a right wing douchebag mob demanded so. All the best. I’ll try to use the Max Cherry handle at most political websites I comment at, so do holler at a player. You’ll know when it’s me. Stay out of trouble, kids.


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